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Please do not send a reservation request before 1.1.2018! After that date we’ll take all your requests in consideration and you’ll be answered as fast as we can!

If you need some information or want to make an online reservation, use this contact form. Please send to us essential information of your arrival ( directions and ship’s company you will use to get here ) , pick up time/place,drop off time/place, kind of vehicle, duration (dates),number of people… etc. We find it very usefull to help you organize your hiring a car here, as fast as we can.

For example, please follow next form:

SUBJECT: Car hire 26th May (15h50) – 29th May (5h45)

1) Vehicle type wish: FIAT Punto Cabrio
2) Pick up place : Sobra Port 26th of May 15h50; arrival Catamaran GVline from Dubrovnik
3) Drop off place : Sobra Port 29th of May 05h45 for departure at 06h15Catamaran GVLine toDubrovnik
4) 2 persons
5) Place of accomodation: Sobra
6) Mobile France +33 123456789
7) Additional information : Example: If possible 1 baby seat, or we have two big big suitcase…( if you need more space… etc)

IMPORTANT: We are located in Polače and Sobra, only !

For transport Pomena – Polače and inversely please read the post:
“White Van Shuttle – Pomena Taxi “

Don’t forget fill in all fields down.

REMEMBER: Your request is not an automatic booking. You have to get our response/confirmation!

We will respond as soon as possible!

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